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ShieldWare© Computer Aided Dispatch
ShieldWare© CAD provides the quickest, most accurate call response systems for multi-agency/multi-jurisdictional communications centers, with the simplicity desired for any dispatch environment. ShieldWare© CAD provides sophisticated resource management for law enforcement, fire and EMS. Agencies can define their own units, beat plans, districts, command areas call types and response plans. ShieldWare© CAD then recommends appropriate resources to respond based upon your pre-defined response plans. ShieldWare© CAD eases the complex dispatching workload by automating routine tasks and reducing mistakes. Paging, faxing, silent dispatching, integration of E911 and wireless data are all seamlessly and automatically handled. ShieldWare© CAD: Quite simply, the friendliest CAD system available today! Features · Automated call processing · Instant recommendations of best available resources for calls · Single or multi-jurisdictional design · Alpha-numeric paging on demand automatically by call type · Rip ‘n Run output to fire and EMS stations · E911 Interface, including Phase II 911 wireless · Complete Unit/Incident status monitoring with multiple monitors supported · Unit recommendations based upon agency, status, location and call type · Agency definable configurations: Call types Disposition codes Call/Unit priority colors Responses Agency specific call numbers · MDT/MCT interfacing · Fire/EMS RMS interfacing · Premise information and histories · Alert warnings · Graphical user interface (GUI) · Powerful command line entry · Fully integrated RMS · Mapping and AVL interface · Phase II wireless integration
Benefits · Increases efficiency, effectiveness and productivity · Less time required for formal training · Multi-agency and multi-jurisdictional dispatching · Immediate availability of incident and unit information to all agencies/departments · Meets the need for 24 x 7 reliability communications centers require · Resource and incident management for law enforcement, fire and EMS · Full suite of calls for service reports at your finger tips.