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ShieldWare© Civil processing / tracking

ShieldWare© Civil is a complete civil processing solution addressing the key requirements of the Civil Division and field deputies from issuance to service to resolution. ShieldWare© Civil streamlines the task of processing civil service documents and their daily management through tracking, reporting and accounting functions. From simple paper service through more complicated sheriff sales and garnishments, ShieldWare© Civil is designed to help you process and track civil matters in an uncomplicated and reliable manner. ShieldWare© Civil provides access to the information needed in the form most helpful, either online for instant access or in reports as required by the court. As an integrated solution, ShieldWare© Civil supports civil processing tasks with straightforward results.
Features Fully integrated with ShieldWare© RMS including the Master Name Index, Master Location Index, and Master Business Index Flexibility allows the system to be configured to fit the needs of the agency Easy-to-use graphical user interface consistent with other ShieldWare© products Includes the forms you need—process server’s worksheet, return of service, billing statement, garnishment interrogatories and Sheriff sale forms Ad hoc and predefined reports to provide comprehensive management and statistical reporting Easy accounting procedures ensure efficient handling of fees, payments, disbursements—all financial transactions Interfaces with ShieldWare© RMS for receipting of Weapon Permits, Jail Management fees, Accident Reports and all other Sheriff’s Office receipting. Fast and powerful data searching capabilities eliminate the need to store and search volumes of physical paperwork Unlimited narrative with full word processing abilities Integrated multi-media (including imaging and scanning) Designed to expedite time-consuming tasks Bar coding to automate operations and data collection Enabled for laptop Field data collection Ensure data integrity with robust security controls
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