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ShieldWare© SWNCIC

IOWA System / NCIC / NLETS Certified Interface Shield Technology Corporation now offers an IOWA certified NCIC Interface application, which enables queries with local, state, federal and international databases to search for wanted and missing persons, vehicle records and other information. This module can be integrated with either ShieldWare© CAD and RMS systems or operated as a stand-alone application. It boasts a Windows interface with intentional designs focused on security, user-friendliness, and automation. Dispatchers, officers and investigators will find their efforts with data entry and records checks much more productive. Features Certified application interface meets the new State of Iowa protocol requirements Sensitive information is protected through robust system security Stand-alone module can interface with ShieldWare© CAD and ShieldWare© RMS Standard Windows interface is extremely user-friendly with many convenient features: Standard look-n-feel delivered through preformatted screens using clearly defined fields Integrated code tables make code fields easy to use Automated cut and paste to streamline data entry Window set aside for incoming communications Industry standard printer support - includes laser printing Request and access multiple searches concurrently Program application Quick Keys and setup Windows desktop shortcut icons for frequently used searches Benefits Interoperability Support Homeland Security by improving data intelligence by using this mission-critical application Increase the safety of the agencies personnel, who respond to incidents and emergencies. Expedite time-consuming tasks Increase staff efficiency, effectiveness and productivity Save queries and returns locally quick recall Review stored information applying user-defined filters
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