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Officers need to get connected and stay updated in today’s wireless world. Public safety agencies across the country have become increasingly focused on the safety and effectiveness of their own officers. ShieldWare© Mobile Data Solutions is the right tool to address this priority. SWMobile© connects officers with mission critical details using secure wireless communication. Patrol Officers can gather information on people, vehicles and property from local, state and national databases - often without dispatch assistance. Officers can then proceed with appropriate levels of caution, based on vital feedback from their queries. Full integration with SWCAD© delivers up to date unit status and call information. Officers in the field are able to immediately enter remarks and dispositions through SWMobile©. Silent dispatch features improve the element of surprise and curb arrivals of curious bystanders at the scene. SWMobile© increases productivity, accuracy and confidence of all officers through comprehensive communication between patrol unit and dispatch center personnel. Features and Benefits Extends ShieldWare© CAD to mobile units with the simple yet powerful ability to update status, log remarks and enter dispositions Promotes faster response with reduced radio traffic while enabling mobile units to maintain safe, silent contact through email and instant-messaging with the dispatch center and other units Supports Homeland Security directly from the mobile unit with improved data intelligence via local, state and national database queries, giving the officers quick and secure details about people, property and vehicles Increases staff efficiency through agency definable customizations and eliminates redundant entry through comprehensive data integration Allows management of incidents in the field - send/receive real-time updates and notifications between field and base operations. Reduces training time and increases efficiency through familiar Windows interface and features: Standard look-n-feel delivered through preformatted screens using clearly defined fields and icons Integrated code tables make code fields easy to use Local NCIC Printing Automated cut and paste to streamline data entry Day/Night color modes reduce eye fatigue and terminal glare
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